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Welcome to Cinematic-Kenya

Cinematic solutions is an award-winning hub of multimedia talent and creativity with a strong belief in independence and experience. We are a team of professionals in television broadcasting, film production, video production, video graphics and graphic design. We dedicate ourselves to providing innovative and individual answers to all your media-related needs.




We produce documentaries, corporate and drama programs for a variety of private and non-governmental organizations. These products include training videos, youth and adult dramas, educative TV programs among others. Cinematic specializes in the creation, production and distribution of content for a range of media clients. We work with a highly skilled network of freelance media artists, (including writers,  photographers, filmmakers and digital artists) to create cost effective media brands, commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, magazines, newsletters and television programming - all produced by Africans for an African audience at a quality level never seen before in Kenya.

About Us

Cinematic Solutions is a client focused, full service audio-visual production company with a solid reputation for producing high end broadcast quality audio-visual content across numerous sectors of business.
We are a team of independent and highly skilled professionals in television broadcasting, film/video production, and video graphics and design for over 15 years.  Based from our vision to produce quality media contents across the region and beyond, our mission is to create a connection between our clients and ourselves by producing world class media related solutions to our clients.
Our services include; concept development, scripting, photography, location fixing, filming logistics, graphic designing, production designing, audio recording and editing, video filming and editing, equipment and crew, casting and acquiring film permits for our clients among other audio-visual services. (Home Page) As one of the leading media outlets across the East and Central African region, we pride in having a diverse clientele from individuals, Corporates, Governments, Local and International Television and News Agencies and NGOs among others.

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