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Faces of Africa is a weekly television magazine programme that runs on CCTV, an International News Agency from China. The project features stories of inspirational African personalities from across the continent, and we have been contracted by CCTV to cover such stories.  Below are some of the stories we have done so far.


Making Africa Laugh

In most cities around Africa, the popular social activity trending now is comedy. Our cameras closely followed 4 amazing comedians from 3 African countries, Kenyan Erick Omondi, Ugandan Salvador and Nigerian Akpororo and Oke Bakasi McAntony. Their mission is making Africa laugh. <<Read More>>

Pat Nebo, Africa's Best Art Director

Pat Nebo from Nigeria was feted Africa’s Best Art Director in Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) in 2012. “He has ventured where many haven’t,” the CEO of AMAA Peace Musigwe asserts. <<Read More>>


Messengers of Nature - Part 1

Madiadoa (Stephen Ndegwa), Tour guide, said, "They call me Madoadoa or spotted. They used to say that I drive as fast like the cheetah." Jacob, tourist, said, "We thought we had seen them all but then you go to the next hill and they are more, and the next hill... and there are more." Read More>>>

Walking With Elephants

I love working with the elephants. They are very calm, polite and intelligent. It is much better to work with elephants than with human beings. Spending time with the elephants is as good as spending a day in town. Emotionally they are identical to us. In many ways they are better than us. <<Read More>>


Mangelepa Music: Medicine of the Soul

Any weekend night in Nairobi is vibrant. The city dwellers crowd the clubs that have food, beer and music. At club Vibro in Nairobi West it´s no different. A lively band is busy entertaining the eager crowd of night revelers. At first glance judging from their dance moves and style you will think it´s a band of young twenty-something.

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