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Cinematic Solutions has a long reputation of managing and facilitating major productions, and our crew and public safety provisions are above par.
We generate a detailed production assessment package for clients and our thorough production planning has earned us close working relationships with the police and council bodies throughout Kenya. We encourage clients to work with us during the planning stage of the production so that we ensure the theme is integrated into every aspect and is consistent with the strategic direction of the company and its objectives.

Our production team works as a unit in creating documentaries, commercials, promotional videos and news releases. We also provide professional sound recording and script writing services, to ensure that our clients' documentary themes are always showcased.

Our production manager works through a nuance of a production, ensuring integrity and consistency of message, from the client’s very first point of contact to the final production.
The production team works closely with our clients to define the focus and direction of each production. Then, after considering the demographic and psychology of the clients and other influences, we work to create a unique and inspiring production structure. This structure will take the clients on a journey from the moment they arrive; and guarantee they depart with the desired message.

Cinematic Solutions has a solid technical production base. Our producers and directors are constantly researching and adapting the latest technology. They are often called on to advice and indulge in the introduction of new technologies in the market. Our video editors work closely with the production and logistics team on each production from concept development to the final edit.

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These were a series of documentaries that are produced for fundraising purposes and include topics on Education, Health and Sanitation and Survival of vulnerable members of the community mainly women and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

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