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Our services include; budgeting, concept development, scripting, photography, location fixing, filming logistics, graphic designing, production designing, audio recording and editing, video filming and editing, equipment and crew, casting and acquiring film permits for our clients among other audio-visual services. As one of the leading media outlets across the East and Central African region, we pride in having a diverse clientele from individuals, Corporates, Governments, Local and International Television and News Agencies and NGOs among others.


We have a comprehensively furnished office infrastructure large enough to satisfy most productions requirements, with sufficient parking for cars, situated close to all the amenities of central Nairobi. Although no work permits are required for International personnel coming to work on a production, a Visitor’s Visa with Conditions is compulsory for everyone. These visas must be applied for at the nearest Kenyan embassy or consulate to the personnel’s residence and we provide the letter of invitation. Due to constantly changing legislation it is always advisable to double check the requirements with your local Kenyan Embassy or Consulate prior to departure. Cinematic solutions supervises and claims back all the legally re-claimable Kenyan VAT, and repatriates any budgetary savings, excess funds and the VAT.

Production Fixing Services

In this department, we initiate and produce independent programs for an international market. We are commissioned by networks abroad to produce unique stories from Africa. These films tell authentic stories about contemporary Africa, which are aimed at local and international TV networks. Cinematic’s mission is to create presence of African storytelling in the international film and TV industry and to promote cross-cultural understanding.

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